Screamin Eagle Marine provides high quality, comprehensive-detailing services, which include the following core applications. Basic Wash, Oxidation & Dirt Removal, Minor Scratch Removal, High Speed Compounding, Hand Wax, UV Protection Coatings, Mildew Removal, Upholstery Cleaning & Conditioning, Carpet Shampoo, Glass Treatment, Metal Polish, Skeg Repair as well as Canvas washing /waterproofing.

Wash & Shine
We use a non-abrasive wash & wax to wash off all the dirt, and environmental pollutants without stripping any of the wax coating protecting your paint or gel coat. However, we further add a separate silicone spray before drying the yacht with chamois. This results in a ‘just waxed’ shine and illustrates how at Screaming Eagle Marine we always go the extra mile! This service is a little extra than a standard wash down, however that extra goes a long way!

Wax (Sealant & Protectant)
Waxing will remove light oxidation and restores your boats paint or gel-coat finishes to a brilliant shine. A fresh coat of marine wax will also protect your boat from U.V rays and keepĀ  dirt and other environmental pollutants from penetrating and damaging your boats finish.

Compounding (Oxidation Removal)
The exterior Gel-coat finish on fiberglass boats, is a porous mix of polyester resins and pigments that must be sealed from the damaging effects of ultra-violet (UV) rays, salt, dirt and weather. Neglect it, and it becomes more porous due to the oxidation of the mixture resins and what remains is a faded, dull finish. Seasonal compounding will keep your boat’s finish looking great for years. Periodic polishing with a fme compound will remove the oxidation. Applying and maintaining a good coat of wax will prevent further deterioration.

Stainless. Metal. Aluminum Restoration
All metal work from the bow rail, cleats, and T-Top or Wake Tower will benefit greatly from our metal restoration service. Our Metal Polish removes rust and tarnish from all metal types; we then put on a protective metal wax for shine and protecting against future erosion.

Leather & Vinyl Restoration
We remove mildew, clean and condition all leather and Vinyl surfaces. Our products and elbow grease will condition, protect and make your leather and vinyl look like new.

Prop Reconditioning
Keeping your propellers in shape will save you fuel and increase your vessels performance. Propellers will lose their shape and balance over a period of years. So even if you don’t have dings in your props, you will begin to experience vibrations, lose speed and decrease your fuel efficiency. Put your props back in shape. Nothing is more damaging to a vessel over time than vibrations caused by unbalanced and fatigued propellers. Boats provide a fantastic venue for spending quality time with family, friends and colleagues, but keeping your investment in top condition requires much time and effort. Screaming Eagle Marine offers quality Maintenance, Management and Detailing services for your vessel on a scheduled or one time basis. We specialize in the full spectrum of services to keep your vessel looking great.